Monday, February 1, 2010

This little 4 point was in our front yard this morning and it just made me laugh so I took a picture.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Brooke got a 17 HMR gun for her 10th birthday, Emma Jane got a bb gun for Christmas and Dave had a 204 that he wanted to try so we went out to Lay and shot a mannequin that I got from school. As wierd as that sounds my instructor actually gave us the idea. She took one home and shot it also but anyway. If you look at the head you can see all the spots where they hit it. Brooke is an AWESOME shot she hit the mannequin everytime she shot! Emma Jane was mad at me because I grabbed the bb gun but not the bb's so tomorrow after school Dave and the girls are going to shoot pepsi cans.

Brooke is getting ready to shoot her 17 HMR

Dave shooting the 204

John and Dave walked out to see where they shot the mannequin.

Dave setting up

Emma Jane lost both of her front teeth just intime for christmas. Dave taught her to sing "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth".

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Here a picture of Daves christmas present. His registered name is " Carlos Man of Love" I thought I would just throw in the picture of Beretta hunting cuz it's Daves favorite.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Ok so I know I have been totally slacking on this whole blogging thing. I am going to get worse at it before it gets better that much I do know. However I will update it with our 24th of July pictures, we are coming in for the days of 47 festivities.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Alright so it has been awhile since I have updated our blog here are a few pictures. I haven't updated in so long that I forgot how to put pictures on so I need to get on the phone with Laura. But for now these will have to do! The girls had a dance recital on the 17th that went well. Sorry you only get a picture of Emma Jane right now but maybe soon you can see the rest An older couple in out ward gave us a small snow mobile for the girls. Dave was making a little pattern for them but they are light enough to break through the snow.
Brooke is on a competion cheerleading team. This was there first competion and the took 1st and got a bid to nationals (which is in vegas in April). We are coming to Salt Lake City towards the end of January.
My parents took Dave and I on a fishing trip to Flaming Gorge. We had a blast caught some big fish and just threw them back. We all caught at least one fish and had a great time
It was cold but worth it!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

We have had a crazy summer along with the rest of you. I am finally getting to put pictures up. These are of our trip to California. We went to Disneyland, California Adventure, Legoland, The San Deigo Zoo, SeaWorld, we toured a battleship and then went to the Montoya family reunion. We didn't even take a camera into SeaWorld because we got soaked by the whales. The pictures are Disneyland, California Adventure and The Midway.

Friday, June 13, 2008

The girls and I (Amber is staying with us for awhile) went with Dave to Wyoming, he went for work and we went to play. I have a friend that moved to Gillette from Craig and she took us around while Dave was at his class/meeting. We stayed in Gillette Wyo but we went to South Dakota to Mt. Rushmore then to Bear country USA and then back to Wyoming to see Devil's Tower all in one day. Although the girls didn't seem to mind The girls where saying "devil's tower is so devily"
Devil's tower close-up
We also stopped in Casey Wyoming to see the place where Chris LeDoux lived for most of his life. We also stopped in Buffalo after reading the history on the Johnson county war (at the museum in Casey) we stopped at the court house to take these pictures.Then it was off to Casper and then finally home

Dave was very excited to be in an area with such rich history. We bought a Chris Ledoux box set in Casey and it set the mood for the rest of the trip.

Mt. Rushmore

This bear was scratching his back it just made us laugh
Bear and wolf I thought this was cool